Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Snow and More Snow!!!

This morning we woke to see this when we opened the front door:

Such a fun surprise considering we were only expecting a few snow flurries overnight.
The kids were so excited to be getting another day home from school. After breakfast they couldn't wait to bundle up and head outside while Pop Daddy and I brilliantly politely declined the invitation to freeze our patooties off, thank you very much. Lucky for us we could claim the tired but true excuse of needing to work on adoption stuff. So, while the older kidlets were doin' whatcha do when it snows, the Little Man was plopped into his "play cage" while Mommy and Daddy enjoyed yummy coffee and filled out paperwork, much paperwork.

And while the Ace was warm and snug like a bug in a rug, I popped outside with my camera and found these two snow bunnies in the front yard who graciously stopped their fun to strike a pose or two for their momma.

Adam left his snowball fight with some of the neighborhood kids and joined his sisters for a quick pic. And later in the day, Abby and Adam went sledding down the hill at the nearby elementary school.

It was a great day. Hope y'all are staying warm and enjoying making winter memories with your families too!!

In His Grip,

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