Thursday, October 13, 2011


Asa James
For those of you who have found our blog through No Greater Joy Mom, thank you for taking the time to come and visit our blog! We are Tim and Nikole Hilton, the proud parents of 7 children- 3 boys, 2 girls and 2 more boys waiting for us in China! In November of 2009, our youngest son Asa was born with Down syndrome and the Lord used the circumstances of his birth to open our eyes to the blessing of having a child with special needs. While still pregnant with Asa, a friend of ours who also had a son with Down syndrome, directed us to a ministry called Reece's Rainbow which helps to advocate for and match adoptive families with children that were born with special needs including Down syndrome. Our hearts were deeply touched and we began to discuss the possibility that one day, Lord willing, we would add one of those very precious children to our family.

We started our adoption process about a year ago when we made the commitment to adopt a precious little boy, named Wu who was born with Down syndrome. We felt strongly that the Lord was asking us to also bring another child home during the same trip and we obeyed, adding an adorable 7 year old to our adoption named Ke Xin.  We are now nearing the end of our journey and hoping to travel in November or December of this year! So far, the Lord has faithfully helped us to fund raise over $25,000 but we still need $20,000 before travel time!! Would you please consider sowing into our adoption? We, along with our children, would be eternally grateful. You can do so by visiting the Reece's Rainbow website where you can make a tax deductible donation on our Family Support Page. You can also enter for a chance to win an Xbox 360 KINECT by clicking on the Chip In located in the top right corner of this blog. It is $10 an entry. If you donate and post about our efforts on your blog or Facebook we will give you 1 free entry!

In closing, we are having our fourth fundraising garage sale this weekend. Would y'all please pray that the weather would be beautiful and that the Lord blesses our efforts? Thank you and God bless.

In His Grip,

"I say to myself, "The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for him."
~Lamentations 3:24
Waiting on Our Boys

Abel (Wu)

Archer (Ke Xin)

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