Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hello, Blogland!

Ok, it's official. I am joining Blogland! Wow! I'm excited and kind of surprised actually. I probably couldn't count how many times I've heard myself say that I would NEVER have a blog. Not that I ascribe to any blog hate mind you. To the contrary, I am a blog aficionado. I LOVE blogs. There are a few of 'em that I read almost daily because of how they consistently bless and challenge me. I just never thought of myself as a "blogger". First of all, I am NOT a writer, which is sort of a necessity if you plan to, ya know, write an online journal. Personally, I've always found the whole writing process a tad bit painful and intimidating. I struggle to get started, then actually translating my thoughts from mind to page is TORTUROUS and when I finally do get on a roll, my tendency is to be a little wordy. Sigh...
Besides, even if I did fancy myself an ink- slinger, what in the world would I write about? The blogs that I choose to read are written by an EXCEPTIONALLY talented group of women that include artists, poets, those well-versed in scripture and Home Mavens extraordinaire. Myself on the other hand, not so talented. No, not really, not so much. I'm not an amazing cook, definitely not creative or crafty, nor am I particularly witty or wise. Hmmm.... I'm not sure, but that sounds like the recipe for THE most irrelevant and boring blog EVER.
In addition to suffering from irrelevancy and boringness, I am a very busy wife and momma. Tending to my crew, consisting of my sweet Love and five kidlets, is a 24/7 labor of love. I don't know when I would find the time needed to keep a blog going. Yet, all that having been said, here I am posting my first blog entry. Why the change of heart? Well,something wonderful and exciting is in the works here at our little house. Something that is definitely "blog-worthy". I won't launch into the details now. It's time for me to be wrappin' this little ramble up. About five loads of laundry are calling my name. Besides, y'all (I say that like their are actually folks out there reading this thing! Lol!) are probably worn out from my long-windedness and to tell ya the truth, I am too!! I'll be back soon with a big announcement and an explanation for why I finally committed myself to the self- inflicted insanity of blog keeper. (And if you just can't wait 'till then, the verse in the sidebar is a bit of a hint of what's to come). Till then bloggy friends....
(Did I happen to mention that I can be a little wordy? Nah, say it ain't so! :) )

In His Grip,

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