Saturday, November 27, 2010

Much To Be Thankful For

I hope y'all had a very happy Thanksgiving! We had a great Turkey Day at our house with lots of family, food, and fun. Like most families we've been enjoying leftover bird and fixin's for the past couple of days. I have to say, I think we may have reached our limit around here. I'm not sure but I might have seen my oldest daughter gag when I pulled out the leftovers at lunch time today! Poor girl! I guess a human can only be expected to consume so much turkey in a 72 hour period. Well, that's probably enough turkey talk. How about we move on to more important and less gross topics, shall we? You may remember that I mentioned in my last post that I had a big announcement and the explanation for why I started this blog. So, without further ado.....

As some of you may know, and others may be surprised to hear, we are happily expecting baby number 6 sometime next fall or early winter!! And NO, I am NOT pregnant!! There is definitely no more room in this little momma's womb. ;) In the throes of our last pregnancy,which was quite a DOOZY for those of you who may remember, Tim put his foot down on the idea of us ever having anymore bio-kidlets. He stated then that if we wanted anymore children then we would just have to adopt. And so, adopt we are!! We are excited to announce that we are currently in the beginning stages of a adopting a precious little boy from China. His Chinese name is Min Wu and he will turn 2 on March 20. Here is a picture of our boy-

Isn't he handsome? Did you happen to notice a slight resemblance to another little guy that we already know and love? Maybe you saw it in those beautiful almond-shaped eyes or that sweet expression? Yep, Min Wu is "chromosomally advanced" like our Asa! As a matter of fact, it was Asa's birth that became the catlayst for our desire to adopt a child with special needs, Down syndrome in particular. Even before Ace was born Tim and I talked briefly about adopting a little one with DS. At the time we weren't sure if Ace would have DS or not, but we thought it would be a wonderful thing for him to grow up with a sibling that would be like him if he did. As most of you know, Asa was in fact blessed with the gift of DS. God's plan, though different than ours, has resulted in a joy that would have otherwise been impossible without the addition of Ace into our family. Becoming his Momma and Daddy has had an enormous impact on our hearts, forever changing the way we look at children born with special needs. These precious babies are NOT defective. They are God's PERFECT workmanship, fearfully and wonderfully made. Our son is truly a gift from God. We are completely humbled and honored that He has chosen us to be the parents of not one, but two of His special blessings.
So, that in short, is the explanation for why we started this blog. We are thrilled beyond words to be starting this journey and excited to share it with all of y'all! I can't promise that I will post daily or even weekly for that matter, but I'll do my best to keep everyone updated on our progress. :)

"Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!"
~2 Corinthians 9:15

In His Grip,

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