Monday, March 21, 2011

Keepin' the Faith

Some friends of ours that are adopting from Eastern Europe are in country meeting their little girl for the very first time. Their names are Gus and Ashley. Her name is Baby J. She has beautiful brown hair and eyes and the blessing of an extra chromosome just like their little boy Mason. They have looked forward to this trip for well over a year and we are hoping and praying that their time together is everything that they ever imagined that it would be. I wish I could be there to see their excitement as they lay eyes and hands on their precious angel for the first time!
I know that as they hold, cuddle and play with her they also will be fervently praying over her. Praying that this first visit will lead to another one and then that they will be allowed to bring her home to live with her two brothers and two sisters where she belongs.
That is the norm in these situations but our enemy the devil is busy with an evil scheme and our sweet friends have found themselves smack in the middle of it.
What was meant to be a joyous first meeting will instead be a meeting where an unwanted cloud of uncertainty hovers above.
Unfortunately last week a judge in their daughter's region denied the adoption of another child with Down syndrome to an American family, stating that it would be best if he were to stay in the institution where he is currently residing.
Can you believe that?! I couldn't breathe as I read about the ruling in an email my friend had sent. We have been told that the entire courtroom was in shock when the ruling was read. This sweet boy would have been the first child with DS adopted from that region. The family is filing an appeal, but in the mean time they have had to return to the states without their precious son. I can't even begin to imagine how very difficult that must have been. I read a statement from the mother yesterday and was completely brought to tears by her grace and determination during this very difficult situation. She is holding on to HOPE and clinging to her FAITH and TRUSTING in her GOD to claim victory over what satan has intended for evil!
Y'all PLEASE join with us in prayer about these children and their fates. Children with Down syndrome are considered to have absolutley NO value in that part of the world. This is truly a life and death situation for these precious little ones! Please storm the gates of heaven on behalf of these helpless children!!

In His Grip,

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